Naturaleza en Casa

Ficha Técnica

Año: 2020

Interactive web site

Duración / Capítulos: 36 audios / 48 short videos

Apoyo: ANII (National Agency for Research and Innovation)

Two months into the lockdown imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, at De la Raíz Films we wanted to help people in Uruguay find ways to distract and entertain themselves at home. With ​Naturaleza en casa ​ (Nature at Home) we set out to put lockdown on hold by opening a small window in each household
through which to look out on the natural spaces of great beauty that Uruguay has to offer. Drawing on our archive of videos of the country’s leading ecosystems, we invited people to listen to the sounds of those ecosystems, contemplate their landscapes, and learn about their particularities through games



Developed by Rubik