Crónica Animal

Ficha Técnica

Año: 2018

Television series for children (16 thirteen-minute episodes)

Duración / Capítulos: 16 fourteen-minute episodes – HD quality – Children’s newscast with animal puppet anchors

Apoyo: DINATEL (MIEM) // Fondo de Fomento (ICAU)

Crónica Animal (Animal Report) is a “news bulletin” made by a small organization working to protect threatened wildlife, with the aim of giving “their version of things” and recruiting children who want to help save those animals, in a way that is also fun. Coproduction: De la Raíz Films & Jumara Films. Support and Financing: 2016 Development Fund, National Film and Audiovisual Agency (Fondo de Fomento, ICAU); National Telecommunications Agency, Ministry of Industry, Energy, and Mining (DINATEL, MIEM). Premiered in 2018 on the Montevideo TV channel Tevé Ciudad, on Uruguay’s state channel TNU (Televisión Nacional Uruguay), and on Mexico’s Canal 22.


Developed by Rubik