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De la Raíz Films is a production company specializing in Wildlife documentaries and corporate. We produce series, standalone films, micro movies, web developments, and apps.

We seek to tell memorable stories with the aim of conveying good ideas.

Our team is made up of internationally awarded audiovisual producers, technicians, and scientists.

Our team


Guillermo Kloetzer

Kloetzer has twenty years of experience as a producer, director, and photographer and his works have been shown in over fifty countries. He has been awarded prizes and distinctions in national and international festivals and holds a BS in Biology from Uruguay’s University of the Republic (UDELAR) and a degree in audiovisual production from the Uruguayan Film School (Escuela de Cine del Uruguay).


Marcelo Casacuberta

A naturalist, photographer, and self-taught filmmaker, Casacuberta has worked as cameraman and cinematographer in short films, commercials, and documentaries. He has also produced video clips and photo shoots for Uruguayan music bands. He is one of the most experienced nature documentary filmmakers in the field. His feature films on Uruguayan fauna have been awarded several prizes in national and international festivals.


Diego Sardi

Diego Sardi holds an MFA in Cinema Production from Columbia College Chicago (United States), which he completed on a Fulbright graduate scholarship. He works as a filmmaker in Uruguay and is the academic coordinator of the Film and Television Department of Universidad de Montevideo’s School of Communications. He has worked for international festivals and produced prize-winning fiction films and documentaries in several countries.


Florencia Barre

Barre holds a BA in Communications and has worked in content development and production for over six years. As a journalist with the Uruguayan daily ​El País ​ she reports on multimedia issues and was a team leader and journalist for APF Services. She is also a freelance project producer for international organizations and documentaries. For the past seven years she has taught at the college level (in Universidad de Montevideo) and in high school.


Martín Segredo - Editor and Post-Producer

Segredo holds a BA in Communications (UDELAR, Uruguay) and teaches an editing course in the Video Editing and Post-Production Program of Studies (BIOS, Uruguay). His experience as editor includes commercials, fiction content for TV, and in particular documentaries. Segredo brings a creative vision to our projects that is based on a thorough understanding of the stories we are telling.

Luciano Davyt - Graphics and Animation

Trained in 2D and 3D design and animation, sculpture, painting, and technical drawing, Davyt has the versatility and tools necessary to create aesthetic universes consistent with the content of each project. He has worked since 1996 in post-production for various production companies and directors in the local and international markets, and is currently post-producer, graphic designer, and animator at DLR Films.

Juan Frau - Sound Post-Production

Frau is a sound engineer with a BS in Recording (Instituto SAE, Madrid). He has worked as sound director and microphone operator in documentary and fiction projects for television and cinema. His conception of ambiences adds an important layer of reality to our documentaries, and his field and studio experience guarantees the highest standard of quality for our projects.

Gustavo Suárez - Web Development

A web developer with fifteen years of experience in the Uruguayan daily ​El País ​ , Suárez has developed several interactive documentary and news projects online. Among these is a documentary special on gender violence in Uruguay called “Muertas no sueñan” (“Dead Women Can’t Dream”), which won a multimedia specials prize in 2019 awarded by GDA (Group of Newspapers of the Americas). He also offers his web development and consultancy services on a freelance basis in several Spanish speaking countries.

Santiago Carámbula - Sound Post-Production

As a freelance sound engineer, Carámbula has worked in film, television, and advertising projects with a high level of responsibility and commitment, honing his skills in the areas of direct sound, post-production, and mixing. In recent years, he has focused on sound design for documentaries, and throughout his professional career he has worked with renowned companies such as Medio & Medio Films, OZmedia, Aceituna Films, Oriental, Metrópolis Films, Diezcatorce, La Jolla, and Contenidos TV, among others, on both national and international projects.

Lucía Nogueira - Graphics

Nogueira holds a BA in Communications (with a focus on Audiovisual Narrative) from Universidad Católica del Uruguay, and is currently completing a Master’s Program in Communications at the same university. She teaches Motion Graphics and Adobe After Effects at A+ Escuela de Artes Visuales. With twenty years of experience in 2D animation and editing for film, television, and advertising, working for both local and foreign clients, she has been in charge of post-production in numerous commercials, as well as television programs, documentaries, video clips, and movies.


PhD in Biological Sciences (UDELAR-PEDECIBA). Full Professor and Associate Researcher, School of Sciences, UDELAR, Uruguay.

MS in Biological Sciences (UDELAR-PEDECIBA). Department of Ecology and Evolution, Vertebrate Zoology Division, School of Sciences, UDELAR, Uruguay

BS in Biological Sciences (UDELAR-PEDECIBA); Grupo AverAves.

PhD in Zoology (PUCRS, Brazil); MS in Biological Sciences (UDELAR-PEDECIBA); Assistant Professor, School of Sciences, UDELAR, Uruguay.

Research Assistant, Clemente Estable Biological Research Institute (IIBCE).

PhD in Biological Sciences; Associate Professor, Ethology, Ecology, and Evolution Laboratory, IIBCE; teaching position at PEDECIBA.

PhD in Zoology, Massey University, New Zealand; Marine mammal specialist, Pinnipeds Project / Southern Right Whale Project.

PhD in Animal Science, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Spain; Researcher at the National Agricultural Research Institute (INIA), Uruguay; President of Vida Silvestre Uruguay.

Ecology PhD candidate (PEDECIBA, School of Sciences, UDELAR).

Assistant Researcher, Head of the Ethology, Ecology, and Evolution Laboratory (IIBCE).

Teaching and Research Assistant, Eastern Region University Center (CURE), UDELAR; experience in ecology and conservation.


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