Our work covers a number of areas, ranging from wildlife and nature documentary series to visual narratives of music, festivals and other cultural events. We also produce educational content and applications, institutional and corporate videos. We are passionate about the challenges and opportunities presented by new technologies in the area of communication, while we seek inspiration in real life to undertake new projects.


My Birds

Tv Series (8×7′) DIVERCINE Award 2017 Uruguay itself invites children to visit its landscapes revealing the secrets of birds.



1000 footpaths

TV series (8 X 13´) A trip through Uruguay, an invitation to enjoy it´s landscapes, flora and fauna. We begin a tour of the fourteen sites that make up the National System of Protected Areas, meeting people who do research biodiversity or produce sustainably



Animal Scout Latin America

TV wildlife documentary series 104 episodes x 1 & 2 minutes in HD 6 to 9 year old kids This series of fillers for TV and the web portrays the wildlife of the different ecosystems of Central and South America, from the lush Amazon jungle to the bleak Patagonian landscape, through the Paraná and Andean regions. Coproduction: De La Raiz Films & Jumara Films (Argentina) Support and finance: DINATEL – MIEM & ANII Premiere: April 2015 TNU (Uruguayan National Television)


Backstage Vimeo Channel

The Animal Scout Game

Educational app for Ceibal Project 6 to 9 year old kids In this educational video game, children discover local fauna in a fun way. They also learn about the ecological relationships between species, ie. where they live and what animals they interact with. Various concepts of environmental education help to integrate biological knowledge with daily life.


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TV wildlife documentary series 26 episodes x 26 minutes in HD All ages In 2013, Wild Science won the Morosoli Prize for best national television production. Wild Science is a nature series that explores the landscapes and ecosystems of Uruguay, and shows the work of scientists dedicated to study and preservation of native fauna. The series is co-produced with Televisión Nacional Uruguay (National Television of Uruguay) and Transparente Films, and is financially supported byANII. Youtube channel

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The Invisible Orchestra (in development)

Largometraje Documental – 70 minutos. Selected for DocLab – Doc Montevideo 2015 Juan Pablo Culasso, a professional wildlife soundman who has been blind since birth, travels through the Uruguayan woods and prairies searching for the musical identity of nature. In this journey, recording hundreds of natural sounds, he is accompanied by the composer Luciano Supervielle (Bajofondo). They both aim to open doors to a different kind of sensitivity, the perception of signals to which we are usually blind.

WILD Chronicles (in postproduction)

Children’s TV Science and Wildlife series WILD Chronicles is a TV show made by a small organization of endangered wild animals, with the aim of giving their version of news and recruiting children willing to help them, or at least have fun in the attempt. Coproduction : De La Raiz Films & Jumara Films Support : Fondo de Fomento 2016 (ICAU) , Dinatel (MIEM) Premiere : 2018 por Tevé Ciudad

My hidden creatures

Children’s TV Science and Wildlife series UMother nature becomes a character, and invites us to explore its diverse landscapes and discover some secrets of Southamerican animals.
Coproduction : De La Raiz Films & Jumara Films

Uruguay Wild Encounters (in development)

TV 1X52´- 4K A documentary about the wildlife of Uruguay as has never been filmed before. This international co-production, shooted in Ultra-high definition, will feature the best preserved natural environments by sky, sea and land.